Oxford, United Kingdom

e­-therapeutics is a drug discovery company with a proprietary network­ driven drug discovery platform, which uses using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and other computational techniques.


Investment Perspective

e-therapeutics ended its FY19 (year-ending 31 January 2019) on a high, securing its first commercial collaboration with Novo Nordisk in December (see Update note). Business development and cost control were the focus areas for FY19. The Novo deal in Type 2 diabetes marked a first success on the former, providing important validation for e-therapeutics’ proprietary Network-Driven Drug Discovery (NDD) platform. Prudent cost management means end-FY19 cash of £5.9m, coupled with an anticipated £1.1m tax credit, provides a two-year runway on our estimates. The goal is to now capitalise on ongoing, and new, business development discussions covering the full range of e-therapeutics’ assets and capabilities, to help progress NDD-derived projects and further exploit the NDD platform. Our valuation is £57.8m (21.9p/share).

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Setting the stage
Update | 06 Mar 2019
First commercial deal secured with global diabetes leader
Update | 10 Dec 2018
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Update | 06 Dec 2018

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